Our Services

“Aamal Al Alalyat provides a wide range of top integrated services, such as car grease, oil change, tire and wash services.

Traveler Services

Al-Alayat offers many services to travelers

ATM Service

Al Alalyat stations are supplied with ATM


We make sure that all our stations have mosques that are wide enough for many prayer performers

SAMA Market Shop

Aamal AlAlalyat" " ensures the provision of all amenities

Car Grease and Oil Change Services

Fast oil change and filter replacing services help on extending the life of the car motor

Tire Services

Tires always wear out and be holed, as high temperature degrees have negative

Restaurants and cafes

Aamal Al Alalyat" " provides a unique group

Motel Service

Aamal Al Alalyat"" provides a unique group

Car Wash Service

We offer car wash services with accredited cleaning systems