About US


Who Are We “Al Alalyat Company”?

“Aamal Al Alalyat” is a Saudi pioneering company in the management, operating and maintenance of gas stations and service centers.

The company always ensures the provision of services that coincides with its client aspirations.

The company was founded in 1415 AH. Its headquarters is in Riyadh and its main branch is in Medina. The company has two service complexes, one of them is in Medina and the other one is in Al Hanakiya on Medina-Al Qassim route  .

In addition to a number of new stations that the company is working hard on their designing and constructing according to its new identity.

“Aamal Al Alalyat” has played a key role, for 24 years, in providing entire modern ways and means that take into account environmental considerations in terms of travelers’ safety and comfort. The company works on providing all distinguished services for all Saudi routes’ travelers

pursuant to the Kingdom’s strategy 2030.

and based on “Aamal Al Alalyat” company’s role in improving new and innovated means guaranteeing the spread of modern resources of renewable energy, such as electrical energy. The company participates in providing distinguished charging services for electric cars through cooperating with the best world companies in this field to become the first choice for all road travelers.




Our Vision

"Aamal Al Alalyat" is seeking to be a pioneering model in the management, operation and maintenance of KSA's gas stations and becoming the first choice for road travelers.


Our Message

To provide distinguished services of safe performance standards that takes into account environmental considerations and manages client expectations.